2018 Conference Presentations

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McMahon – How Offering Help to a Mate is a Hell of a Lot Easier than it is for Your Mate to Put up His Hand and Ask for Help

Andrew McMahon – Chief Executive Officer, MATES in Mining

Andrew the face of MATES in Mining (MATES) – prior to joining MATES, Andrew worked in the mining industry as Director Health and Safety at the NSW Minerals Council and Minerals Council of Australia, and as a Board Member of Coal Services.

He is passionate about suicide prevention and mental wellbeing, fostering landmark research on mental health in the mining industry and published a national mental health and wellbeing blueprint for the industry.

Andrew can often be found pottering in his gardening, reading, cooking, enjoying a glass of wine and attempting to play the violin. He also loves trail running and ironman triathlons – just to balance out the eating and wine bit.

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