2018 Conference Presentations

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Ensuring the Competency Needs of Industry are Met

This Workshop will be coordinated by Jim Munro, Chief Executive Officer, Resources Training Council (RTC)

Nationally recognised, competency-based training was introduced into Australia in the 1990s. The aim of Training Packages and national qualifications was to ensure Australian industries could:

  • Identify the minimum skills and knowledge required by workers
  • Issue qualifications to workers
  • Identify career paths for workers
  • Ensure transferability of skills

After 30 years, have we achieved these goals?

The outcomes of recent reviews would suggest a lack of consultation with relevant industry stakeholders has resulted in Training Packages and qualifications that are in fact, not fit for purpose.

Fit for Purpose Outcomes

Through this Workshop, RTC will introduce you to 10235NAT Course in Field-based Training and Assessment and demonstrate how this “fit for purpose” program should be reflected in all training
delivered to our industry internally or externally.

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