2023 Inside looking out.




With the exception of some of the keynote presentations, sessions were recorded at the conference, and they can be found via the below link.

Please note that depending on your internet speed, some videos may take a while to download.

There may be some videos that have not been able to be released until all approvals have been finalised.

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Full paper abstracts

How to manage competency for welding on mine sites
Simon Krismer, WQMS Pty Ltd

A practicable risk-based approach to RS22 implementation and ongoing compliance.
Steve Amor and Anthony Beasley, Jarah Corporate

Longwall Maingate and Tailgate Proactive Sponcom and Gas Management Strategy- An Operational Safety Share on Risk Management
B Belle, Anglo American Steelmaking Coal, Australia; University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia; University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia; University of Pretoria, South Africa.
R Balusu, CSIRO Mineral Resources

Beyond TARPS – the need for supporting systems
David Cliff, Minerals Industry Safety and Health Centre, Sustainable Minerals Institute, University of Queensland

QGL02: Dust controls are like safety critical controls
Jack Farry and Samantha Forster, Mineral Mines and Quarries Inspectorate, Resources Safety and Health Queensland