2018 Conference Presentations

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Canbulat – Geotechnical Hazard Awareness and Training Videos for Open Cut Coal Mines

Prof Ismet Canbulat – Professor and Chair of Rock Mechanics, The University of New South Wales


There is an increasing trend to use multimedia visuals as tools in training to enhance learning process, which help to better present the concepts and contents. In 2017 ACARP initiated a project to develop new advanced videos to update the geotechnical awareness and training video (i.e., Black Gold) for open cut coal mines utilising the latest technology in animation and visualisation.

The benefits of these videos are:
• They are powerful as they empower employees and improve productivity and safety
• They are cost-effective; when developed, they can be used by all operations and mines
• They save time in training, providing more learning in less time
• They can be deployed quickly and efficiently
• They offer a consistent experience
• They are flexible (i.e., deploy, stop, rewind, forward etc)
• They give more time to geotechnical engineers to fulfil their other day-to-day duties

Two distinct modulus, one for the operators and supervisors and the other one for the technical service teams, have been developed in the project.

These videos focus on the following aspects:
1. Operational hazard identification and control
2. Mining practices and associated impact on geotechnical aspects
3. Geotechnical processes and systems
4. Role of geotechnical engineers
5. Equipment capabilities

This presentation summarises the development of Geotechnical Hazard Awareness and Training Videos for the open cut coal mining industry.

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