2018 Conference Presentations

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Flanagan – Helicopter Rescue Today, Tomorrow – Lessons Learned

Steve Flanagan – Chief Aircrewman for RACQ CQ Rescue, Babcock Mission Critical Services Australasia

Steve Flanagan, Chief Aircrewman for RACQ CQ Rescue, Babcock Mission Critical Services Australasia

Steve is a trusted Aircrew professional with over seventeen years in the Emergency Medical Service and Search and Rescue sectors as a Rescue Crewman, Aircrewman and Aircrew Instructor.

Growing up in Newcastle, NSW, Steve’s long family history in the mining industry influenced Steve to undertake a traineeship as an underground coal miner for Xstrata Coal in Bulga, NSW. But since the age of 6, Steve always aspired to be within the aviation industry.

Steve has been with Babcock since October 2015 as Chief Aircrewman and is responsible for the training and checking of Babcock’s 65 aircrew officers and rescue crew officers, and a further 120 client staff including CQ Rescue’s flight crew, to deliver exceptional medical support across the Mackay region. Thanks to CQ Rescue, Steve also trains QAS paramedics and doctors to the highest national standards.

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