Dobson - Risk Management in the 21st Century
Shaun Dobson, Deputy Chief Inspector of Coal Mines, Resources Safety and Health Queensland
Glennon - An Insight into Tyre Maintenance Critical Risk and Control Process
Greg Glennon – Operations Manager, Otraco International Pty Ltd ABSTRACT Tyres are pressure vessels, potentially ...
Haley - Risk Assessment – Is Risk-taking Innate to Who We Are or is it Learned?
Keith Haley – General Manager, Saraji Mine, BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance ABSTRACT Are some people born to take ...
Masciangioli/Head - Focusing on the Critical Few – ensuring ‘Control Effectiveness’
Anthony Masciangioli – Director and Principal Consultant Darren Head, Principal Consultant, Riskcom Pty Ltd ...
Seligmann - Why Being 95% Error-Free is Safer than 99.9%
Dr Ben Seligmann, Research Fellow – Risk Management, Sustainable Minerals Institute, University of Queensland