2019 Conference Presentations

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Haylock – Workforce Education and Training Cut–Through

Bill Haylock
Director, Green Ticket

All mine sites have two things in common—workers and risks. Their workforce, the company’s biggest asset, need to be trained efficiently and effectively on hazards’, risks’ and incidents’ management. Mine site workers handle highstakes machinery and dangerous substances in high-risk settings. The success of risk procedures for a company depends on how well workers understand, accept, and implement these procedures. Without appropriate knowledge and specific tools workers are at high risk of impacting their safety and health, while also undoing corporate compliance measures implemented by management. To mitigate this, we need cost-effective and time-efficient tools. We need targeted, pertinent, specialised training.

This raises questions about what tools contractors need to do the job and how these tools can effectively and efficiently be created and delivered.

Questions to address:

  • What is the decision-making process undertaken to create a targeted, pertinent, specialised training program?
  • What is the problem?
  • Who is at risk?
  • What are the regulations?
  • Who is the target?
  • What are the methods of delivery and desirable frequency?
  • What locations?
  • What are the workers’ levels of literacy?
  • And most importantly, what decision-making processes help to answer these questions and get cut-through to the workers?

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