2019 Conference Presentations

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Hawkins – Surface Zones: Coordination of Multiple Work Areas

Ian Hawkins
Seam Gas Manager, Anglo American – Moranbah North Mine

Minimising risk to our people is Anglo American’s number one priority. Anglo American has implemented a system to improve the control of works being conducted on the surface to support the underground operations.

Recognising that unplanned work can often be the most unsafe, Moranbah North operation has taken advantage of the existing, proven underground planning tool and processes (Fewzion) and aligned the surface operations to these processes.

The surface area of the mining lease has been split into geographical zones with a zone controller responsible for each zone.

All activities in each zone are planned within a shared database (Fewzion) and managed and scheduled through planning meetings and agreed processes.

Any break-in or unplanned work is assessed independently by the activity owner and zone controller prior to approval to proceed is granted.

Zoning of surface works provides confidence that:

  • All surface work activities are planned and scheduled, minimising the need for break-in and unplanned work
  • Permits to Work are in place, with associated risk assessment and hazard identification completed
  • Simultaneous works are identified – minimising conflicting work areas
  • All work is communicated to all surface workers – maximising awareness
  • Break-in work is effectively managed, as it is planned through the scheduling process.

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