2019 Conference Presentations

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Carnell – Addressing Incident Underreporting in Mining

Ben Carnell
Principal Consultant, Sentis

Accurate and timely reporting of safety incidents is a crucial component of a positive safety culture. These invaluable learning opportunities allow us to adapt, make improvements and prevent future injury. Yet, recent Australian data has found that on average, 31% of incidents go unreported and in some organisations this figure rises as high as 53%*. And it’s not just frontline workers failing to report; leaders and managers also underreport at alarming rates.

Session outcomes:

  • Explore insights from a global research study of 12,460 participants, including mining specific results and case studies
  • Discover underreporting rates across team, leader and management levels
  • Understand the three key drivers of underreporting and the risks to your business
  • Learn strategies for addressing underreporting in your business

*based on a sub-sample of 6,899 participants in Australia.

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