14/08/1948 -9/7/2020

Recognised as an Industry Legend in 2017

QMISHC J Brady 2020

On the 9th July 2020 the mining industry lost a champion and real character when John Patrick Brady passed away at the Gold Coast.

In a time when the Queensland mining industry is struggling for answers, and is in desperate need for strong leadership qualities John will be sorely missed.

In 2017 the QMISHC committee decided to create an award recognising people who had made an outstanding contribution to mine workers safety and health. This would be through inviting them and their family, as it is usually at some sacrifice to their family that these people make the time to assist mineworkers, to the annual conference and make a small presentation to them. The award is also recognised on a perpetual trophy which is held with pride at SIMTARS in Redbank. It was fitting that in its inaugural year both John Brady and his long-time mate Ron McKenna were the recipients. A poem is also penned in honour of each Legend by poet  laureate Murray (Muzza) Hartin. I know that this framed poem holds a special place in the Brady home.

John did not need to be presented with this award for those that work in the mining industry know that John is a true mining Legend.

The Queensland Mining Industry Safety and Health Conference (QMISHC) recognises the passing of one of its inaugural “Legends Award” recipients but his Legend status will live on with us all.

Johns legacy to the industry includes: – Chromatographs at every underground coal mine, air free gas calculations and of course Trigger Action Response Plans (TARPs) will be used for many years to come.

John could work with people from all parts of the industry – Unions, Government, mine management and mining companies without fear or favour as long as you were truthful and committed but he did not take easily to fools.

The respect and esteem which miners held John in, can be seen by the thousands of comments and shares which were on Facebook within hours of word of Johns passing was public, and I am sure that there are many miners around not just Queensland but Australia, New Zealand, USA and other mining communities will be celebrating Johns career and life with us today and into the future.

On behalf of all who attend the QMISHC, our condolences go out to Christine, Michael, Dennis Ian and Carrie and their families.

RIP John